NB! We recommend that you set up payment terminal together with our remote support, so we can make sure that everything is goes right and we can guide you to the beginning.
You can request installation at 010-085 999. Advanced / experienced users and IT support person etc. may do the installation themselves in accordance with this manual.

It's possible to integrate Poplatek Yomani ML, Yomani XR tai Yoximo -card payment terminal into the e-kassa.

The Yomani ML -payment terminal comes with a black USB power cable that should be plugged into the power socket with the AC adapter.

In addition, you need an Ethernet cable if you haven't ordered that with the card payment terminal.

First, connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the back of the payment terminal. (marked red in picture) 

Then connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the back of the modem or router. (marked red in picture).

Next, connect the AC adapter which came with the payment terminal to the USB cable.

Then connect the other end of the cable to the USB port on the back of the payment terminal. (marked red in picture)

Finally, plug the power cable into a power socket, and the payment terminal starts. During the first startup, the payment terminal loads the updates and restarts several times. Wait patiently. On the first time, it may take up to 15 minutes to start a card payment terminal. When the payment has started, Note Shot Oy -text will appear on the screen.

Settings in the cash register

Next, sign up in e-kassa.fi with your own accounts and set the required settings as described below.

Open the Payment terminals -page by clicking Settings -> Payment Terminals in the top menu of the software. 



The Payment Terminals -page shows a list of integrated terminals. You can add a new payment terminal by clicking the Add New Payment Terminal -button.

The payment terminal can be connected 1. via Internet (recommended) or 2. via LAN.

1. Connecting type Internet (recommended)

NB! You can ask our support to install the payment terminal and check the operation after you connect the payment terminal to the Internet. Tel. 010-085 999 or tuki(a)noteshot.fi . If desired, you can also make the installation according to the instructions below.

Select Connecting type Internet, enter Terminal ID, Username and Password, ask for your username and password by email tuki(a)noteshot.fi

Click the Connection Test -button to make connection test. The Status -column displays "Connected: Connecting is working" if the settings are correct and finally "Closed: The connection test is decided."

2. Connecting type LAN (if the connecting type Internet isn't available)

Add the terminal IP addres or MAC. The MAC must be in the form 000811223a4b with out punctuation. You can find MAC in Poplapay. Please note that MAC name doesn't work on all operating systems or network configurations. You can test the connection activity by clicking the Connection Test -button. The connection test connects to the payment terminal and closes it automatically after five seconds. If you have a payment terminal equipped with a receipt printer and you want to use that receipt printer, you can set the cross to the Use Printing -option

You can find the IP addres on the payment terminal screen when the payment terminal starts up.

Choosing the right payment terminal at checkout

You can choose your payment terminal at checkout if you have more than one payment terminal. At the top left of the checkout view, under the seller's choice, is the payment terminal selection box. Integrated Payment terminal is pre-selected if there is only one integrated payment terminal in the system. You can change the payment terminal option to "Not integrated payment terminal" if you are using a payment terminal that isn't connected to the cash register. When you using multiple integrated payment terminals, the correct payment terminal must be selected each time the cash register is opened.

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