Integrated payment terminal can make a card payment refund directly to the customer's card if the card is present at the time of the refund.

First, enter the products to be credited to the checkout to start a refund. Change the number of products to a minus sign and the total amount at the checkout is negative.

Click the Card Payment -button to start a refund on the card.

Next, a Payment Terminal -screen will be opened to connect to the payment terminal and then request to enter the card into the payment terminal. The sum must be negative because it's a refund payment.

The payment terminal screen is also asked to enter the card for the refund.

After entering the card, the payment terminal asks the customer to select Credit or Debit if the customer has a combination card.

The AID -checkbox is displayed to the vendor at the same time.

The payment terminal makes a refund after selecting the usage method and finally the payment terminal states that the refund is successful and asks to remove the card from the device.

After the card is removed, the refund is ready and the checkout will print the receipt for the transaction if automatic receipt printing is enable.