It's possible to combine e-kassa with, when reservations can be paid in e-kassa by card or cash.

Enable in evaraus

First, log in to your Evaraus Dashboard and select Settings -> API Keys from the top menu.

Create the necessary keys by clicking the Click here to create a key -button.

The next step is to enter the keys in the e-kassa settings.

Enable in e-kassa

Log in to your e-kassa and click on Settings -> E-varaus at the top right.

Put the check mark in the In Use -section and enter the address you received from evaraus in the URL -field and the Key in the Key -field. Finally, click the Save -button.

Using at checkout

When the Evaraus -integration is enabled, you can search for reservations on the E-varaus -tab on the left side of the checkout view. Choose a date and click the Get Reservations -button.

You can add a reservation to the cash transaction by clicking on it the same way as you would a regular product.

Finally, you can decide on a transaction for cash or card payment, after which also be marked as paid in the Evaraus -system.