It's possible to pay for cash transaction with several payment methods. For example, you can partly pay in cash and partly by card. The example shows how payment transaction is partially pay in cash and partly by card.

First, add to the products in cash transaction.

Next, entering the cash sum by the customer. Clicking Enter the Cash Sum -button at the bottom of the checkout. 

Enter the cash sum by the customer to Enter the cash sum -window. The sum of the remaining payment is shown to the right of the Sum -field. Click the Continue -button to close the window and return to the checkout.

Next, you have to click the Cash Payment - button. This reduces the cash sum on the total sum and shows the remaining sum. In the example, the price of a 12,50 € product is paid in cash at 10 €. The remaining sum is 2,50 €. 

If the remaining sum is paid with a card, you can directly click on the Card Payment - button to decide the cash transaction. If you have an integrated card payment terminal, the sum go automatically to the card payment terminal. Then the cash transaction is decided normally. In Complete payment - window you see the details of cash transaction normally. In addition, the receipt also shows the payment specification.